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Are you a woman coach, consultant or expert who:


– Undercharges or over-delivers for your clients?


– Discounts your services to win the business?


– Avoids price increases as you fear you’ll lose customers?


– Wishes there was an easier way to discuss pricing with your clients?


– Is looking for help to create a profitable pricing strategy that increases your profits whilst delivering amazing value to your clients (and saves YOU money and time)?


If any of these resonate with you then welcome, you’re in the right place!

Hi, I’m Tracy.

I help women coaches, consultants, experts and service based business owners to increase their profits through effective pricing and marketing strategies.

I’ve found that those women who want to make a difference through their work, can often find themselves undervaluing and undercharging for their services. This can lead to frustration, exhaustion and burn-out as their business grows.

Having a good pricing strategy can result in:

* Increased profits in less time (compared to other sales and marketing techniques).

* More clarity, confidence and credibility.

*Achieving results quickly

*Creating more value for your clients

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